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invasion (4)

recap: i shake my head, all i want was answers, the truth, what is he going to do with me? “you still havent answered my question yet.” i demand. 

He closes the refrigerator door and turns to me. “Well the first thing you should know is that my name is Aiden Williams but I suppose you should also know the truth.” he gestures me to follow him into the living room and offers me a seat. I hesitate, expecting the seat to open up to a pit of alligators when I sit on it. “It’s a chair, its meant for sitting, like this, see?” he says as he sits across from me. I rolled my eyes and sat down on the leather sofa. “The invasion program was designed to search, destruct, steal, etc. Now, thats the reasons given to the public, to your people, and ours. But thats not the real intention. They are looking for an individual, typically a girl as the time traveler says. And this girl is the true descendent of Broshka, the-“ 
"The God of my people." I finished his sentence for him. That explains the intense religious study, the reason why mother wouldn’t let me see my cuts after I’d fall a second more because they would have already been healed or that I couldn’t study other religions until I was older. 

He held up his phone that displayed a sketch of me. “The time traveler sketched this, he saw you conquering my people, dominating them, converting them. Thats when we had to declare war. The president couldn’t stand Broshka tribe member rule his people.” 

"You are one of his, why are you saving me?" completely scared for my future now. I didn’t want to rule, I didn’t want to dominate or invade. 

"I’m one of them, but I’m not a believer. My people need the discipline of your ways. I see police man raping a woman, people stealing from each other. They have greatly sinned and this is not good for my people’s future."  

"But I can’t, I don’t know how to lead people, or to defend myself." I say, feeling the pressure. 

"And that is why I’ve come to save you and I will train and educate you. You do have powers from within you know. I’m sorry to add any stress but, you are my people’s only hope."  

I had no choice. I’m not betraying my people… right? I’m either rotting in the desert or… being this… true blood line descendent of my God. With the will of my family i took a deep breath and said “When do we start?”  

"Tomorrow the first thing is defensive combat, then in the afternoon, religious training." He got up, gesturing me to follow. 

"How do you know how to summon my powers?" I asked still trying to wrap my head around the reality of the recent information.  

"I have studied the legends, the rituals, and the religion." He says as he leads me around his house. We went up the stairs and stopped at the steel front door and turns to me and says "Security protocol." he twirls his index finger around signalling i should turn around. 

"Someones a little insecure." i mumble as i roll my eyes and face the other direction. 

i hear him punching in something on a key pad and what i think is a… scanner? 

"access granted." it said. i turned around and followed as we walked down the long and wide hall with doors every ten or so steps. 

"The guest bathroom… The guest Bedroom… Second guest bathroom, Second guest bedroom Observation Deck… the master bedroom, music room, dogs room and laundry shoot." he said and pointed out as we passed closed nicely decorated wooden doors. 

"You have a dog?" i say as i scan the floors to see one around the corner.  

"Well i hope so, i haven’t seen him today, he’s usually kicking around the house during the day, quite the active dog."

 What’s that one?” i say when we stopped at the end of the hall with one steel door.  

"Well we forgot the other parts of the main floor now didn’t we?" he said as he quickly went along back to the stairs. 

Well that is definitely something that i should check out. ha. i mean, dude its the door at the end of the hall, its noticeable compared to the other doors.  

He showed me the dining room, the ball room, the Jacuzzi in the beautiful yard which was a glass dome under the caves of the desert with its own small waterfall with a large pool area and a garden to hide the Jacuzzi connected to the waterfall. Mother would have loved this place. “It’s brilliant!” i hear the word come out of my mouth as i walk around to see the yard.  

"I built it 3 years ago. It was nothing but a cave. Who would want a cave as there backyard? It was pretty boring, kind of depressing." He said as he looked up to that tiny little whole at the top of the cave that let the sun shine down on the yard. I was still really amazed by this beautiful place. "And now for the basement." he grabbed my hand and lead me to another staircase leading to another level. The basement was large, the lobby was a typical man cave with a Bar, a pool table, ping pong table, foosball table and a large flat screen tv that took up an entire wall, with two rows of individual recliners like a home theatre. "For the boys of course." as he sees the expression on my face. I roll my eyes. "What?" he looked puzzled.  

"You are against the way your people act yet you still please them." 

"Come on its just to get in the group, selling it." he says with sincerity. "And a man needs his games."  

i rolled my eyes. his hand was still in mine as he lead me to tinted glass double doors.

"This is the workout room, where you will be trained." he said as he opened the smooth black doors. There was every equipment imagined and large weights all around the mirrored walls except for one wall that was directed in the empty space in the centre. "And next is the study den." which was more so like a library of old books and models of what were called planes back then. Tall Walls with levels were covered with books and in the centre of the room was a steel table and a long wooden carved table. “This is ideally the place to study religion and focus on your powers.” He said as i walked around. I could be in here for hours, if only my father was here, he would have enjoyed this place and be more stunned than i am. i looked down at the hand that was in his. “What?” he said. He followed my gaze and let go. “Oh. Sorry i get a little carried away sometimes.”

"Its all right." i say nervously, trying to avoid eye contact. i searched for something i could ask about. "What the need for the this table when you have this one?" i asked as i walked towards the centre of the room.  

"Ah well this one can project light and this one is just a table." he says as he turns on the table and a model of my city shows up. i jerk back but he caught me from behind. The table to plan the attack.  

"They were here. They were here to how to invade my people’s country. What is this some kind of joke? Some false lie to get me to do whatever you want me to do." i say in anger. "Get away from me." i said firmly and stepped back. 

"I’m the captain of my squad of course i’d have to plan such things. Of course they’d have to know where to go. But trust me this isn’t a lie. This is true, I promise I will not hurt you."  

"Prove that this is real."  

"Think of a cloud, what it does, how it moves, where is it." 

my expression was if he had some kind of mental disability.  

"Just do it." 

i pictured the cloud in my mind. Id Picture it on a sunny day, a rainy stormy day, the way it would slowly move across the sky. Then i couldn’t feel the ground  under my feet, i looked down and i was levitating. i panicked and i stopped thinking about the clouds, i was high from the floor, i started falling then screaming, next thing i knew i was in Aiden’s arms.  

"Believe me now?" 


"Trust me now?" 

i was hesitant. i pulled myself off of him. “Not right now.” i said as i walked out of the study den. i heard him laughing behind me. 



are these the twins from teen wolf


are these the twins from teen wolf

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invasion. (3)

Recap: “We’re almost there, dont worry, there will be no harm done to you, under my care.” he said firmly. 

im not sure what im supposed to believe. this man that saved my life or this soldier who commanded his men to kill my father. whatever it is, im living this life the longest i can, for my family that left me so i could live. he drives off road now, into the desert area, where there is nothing but sand and dry mountains and cold blooded animals. i panicked. so this is it? he’s going to leave me in the desert, stranded and starved to death? then i have to remember when he took the turn off the road, what way we are facing. i look back, we arent that far from the road, theres a sign on it saying highway 25. then the car launches forward, pulling me back  into my seat. so this is how im not going to be harmed. cant be noticed, cant be helped, wont be harmed, starving me til death, let alone hydration. what the hell am i supposed to say? ok now we are pretty far in the desert, i know that asking him to stop here and dropping me off would grant me a better chance of survival then where ever hes taking me. we enter between 2 large dry mountains that conceal the other side of it. from there he weaved through tall stones until we enter a tunnel. “c48997 this is model 572 prepare to open the gate. prepare for the guest code.” he says in a microphone on the steering control. “572 the gate is open. we shall start preparing.” a pause later the speakers of the car says. we are out of the tunnel and driving straight towards another large dry mountain. after 20 minutes he stops beside a small old log. he rolls down the window and look straight at it for a minute. “572, access accepted.” the log says in a monotone voice “thank you” and he drives on. once we get close to the window he slows down but keeps driving until the mountain opens a small crack, enough from the car to fit through. we drive in until the crack shuts. inside looks like a very clean autoshop with lots of cars that looked fairly new. he gets out of the car, and opens my door for me. i step out, scanning the area. it was organized, clean, and modern. “This is my home. Well part of it anyway.” he says behind me. “Why did you take me here? Why me?” i asked, still confused on this. “Welcome Welcome Welcome! Master Williams! How was the mission?” a hovering robot comes flying in the door way. im still shocked that it flies and talks. the robot looks at me and shines a light on me starting from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. “Oh my, is this?” it says after scanning me. “This is my guest Bartholomew, and we treat her with respect. anyway, the mission was successful. thank you very much, could you please get Nyseria to clean 572?” he takes my hand and guides me to the door way of the house as the robot activates the other robots to follow through his commands.  

 As we walk into the hallway, a kitchen appears. “Could i make you anything to eat? its been a long day.” he offers as he drops my hand and stands by the refrigerator, which is quiet massive. i shake my head, all i want was answers, the truth, what is he going to do with me? “you still havent answered my question yet.” i demand. 

His Secrets (fictional and inspired)

hi. my name is AnnaRose. i am a mother of 3 and i know each of them well, they are very close to me. my eldest is 23 years old, her name is cindy. she was born with less than the necessary blood needed in her brain for about 2 days before birth. that unfortunetly caused her consequences when dealing with her mental health. she still has the mind of a 4 year old still at this age. my middle child, god bless is a genius. she is 20 years old, and going into harvard university for her 4th year. my youngest child, Mitchell is only 16 years old and hes really bright but has anger management issues. he throws temper tantrums and gets physically abusive. sometimes when hes calm he can understand Cindy’s condition but he can get frustrated and take it out on objects. my husband is an amazing father and husband, and we have been together for 40 years now. 

Mitchell is a very special boy, he’s very symbolic, and sentimental. one day when he had one of his violent frenzies, he managed to hit me this time. once he realized what he just did, he cried and hugged me, repeatedly saying to me im sorry over and over again. i love my children and i try to raise them to the best of my ability and i’ve always taught them how to forgive and teach kindly. following my words, i forgave him and enrolled him into advanced anger management classes that parents can also attend to learn how to deal with it as well. 

one day the class had taught one method to calm mitchell down which was to find something or someone that he would never hurt, or at least try his hardest not to. before mitchell could even tell me, i had a person in mind… 

Hey. my name is Jayden, just an average 15 year old girl, that plays lacrosse hardcore and rugby for fun. ive played guitar ever since i was little. one day in the summer i met this healthy, handsome young boy names Mitchell at this guitar camp, he liked me alot and after the camp we started dating. we would hang out at my house and my parents loved him before i did, they would talk all night and all day and would still be happy. or we would hang out at his house and his parents would loved me before he did. his mom and i have a lot of fashion interest and has lots of ideas. we are both very alike. anyway, back to Mitchell. he never really talks about his family much but when he does, he talks about the good things of them. he was a regular guy that i fell in love with. well, i suppose regular until one day when we were going to hang out at his house, his parents called me and canceled it. they sounded very sad about it and i wondered why. i asked them if there was anything wrong but they just hung up.  

  its been a year since weve dated, so its summer time again. i got accepted as a lifeguard at a nearby swimming pool. one day i was about to get off my shift and i get a phone call from AnnaRose, telling me that i need to come to her house right away, she was in that sad panicking tone. i hurried to my car and drove to his house. they had given me an extra key so i just let myself in. i hear a glass shattering and a lot of yelling. the shouts and bangs lead me to the kitchen where i find Mitchell yelling at cindy and having a struggle with his mother. “Jayden, please, help!” i hear his mother scream. now i realized all those canceled dates from his parents came from. i rush over to Mitchell and pull him apart from his mother and stand in between his sister and mother. “Cindy, its allright, you are safe, can you please go upstairs to your room? i will come play with you in a while, i promise.” i say, holding back Mitchell. she stifles a cry and nods, running upstairs to her room. i turn back to Mitch and his mom. He still had anger in his eyes “Mitchell baby look at me, please, Mitchell” his mother steps away even further from him and he pushes more against me. “Mitchell, would you like to tell me what happened? why you are so mad?” i look into his eyes, pleading for him to calm down. “i was playing Cod and Cindy, just wouldnt move, i dont want to baby sit her, shes 23 years old, she has to grow up! i understand, why cant she?  then mom steps in and threatens to call you to come over.” his mom wimpers a little. “Mitchell, she has a mental condition, theres a different circumstance between the both of you.” i ignored his last comment. “No, you dont understand i and i dont want you to.” he keeps budging past. “Babe what do you mean? do you just not trust me enough that you cant tell me stuff like this? it hurts me when you do that” he stops and looks at me with sad eyes. then he holds me tight, burying his face into my neck “Baby, you got it all wrong, i trust you, its just that, its hard to think that a girl like you would still be with me if you found out, or if you might get scared. i love you and i would ever hurt you in my life, if i do i swear that i wont live with myself.” he starts crying on my shoulder. “shhh baby its ok, we’re ok, im still here and im not going anywhere for a every long time. i promise you that.” i nudge my head to signal that his mom should join in the hug, she nods and encircles us both softly, i feel that mitch leans into his mom. we both kiss him on either side of his cheeks. we all laugh. “youre not alone, youre going to get through this with us. there are so many people out there that love you, and you need to bring them in closer instead of pushing them away, and if they truly love you, they will act like they are going to give up on you but come back the very next day, ready to help you get through it.” AnnaRose nods in agreement with joyful tears.  



In the End I, Annarose, becomes a grandmother of 5 beautiful, truly healthy children, all from Jayden and my son Mitchell, and a mother in law of Jayden. they have their ups and downs but they get through with it, Mitch overcomes his anger problems with the amazing help of Jayden, and from then on, that is how it is.

invasion. (2)

Recap:  i jumped. it was a soldier. “dont panic, i wont hurt you.” his voice was stern yet soft. he was young and tall, short brown hair and baby blue round eyes. “follow me.” he took my hand and we started going out the back door silently. there was a big jeep in front of the door way. he quietly escorted me into the vehicle before getting into the driver’s seat and started to drive out. “duck.” he said and rolled the window up to two soldiers outside. “she’s good to burn. theres nothing i want.” he said. “alright boss.” then he quickly drove away. 

boss? the fuck? hes one of them. what is he doing? saving me for his own good? turning me over to them? but then again he did say he wouldnt hurt me. the fuck am i saying, my people have been taken into slavery, poverty and death. these people break promises. these people are heartless. at this point its risky. should i say something? like what? thank you? or should i remain quiet? well, as anna said, kill them with kindness, guilt and regret. “thank you, for saving me back there, i am forever in your debt.” oookay… didnt really know why the hell did i say that… he looked at me through the rear view mirror and smiled. “the pleasure is mine my lady.” i smiled back to him awkwardly. my family has perished and i am the only one left. and im smiling because of a soldier that is fighting against my kingdom. “do you mind me asking where exactly are we going?” i said in concern. we’ve been driving for an hour now. there werent any other cars on the highway, far from the invasion site. “We’re almost there, dont worry, there will be no harm done to you, under my care.” he said firmly 

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Changing Your Mind by *burdge-bug

I look awful when I’m lying down

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